Many gamblers are already aware of the appeal of online casinos in the streets, and they are joining UFABET fast. The reason is that online casinos have a high probability of winning in card games such as baccarat, as well as high usability gameplay.

How to play baccarat

Baccarat is a simple game that people enjoy with deep playing method. This makes it widely supported by beginners who are not familiar with rules and advanced players who play with consideration. Basically, the purpose of baccarat is to get a card total of 9 or the closest total. One sure place to play, enjoy and win is at a respected site like UFABET.


4 easy steps involved!

Dealer gives two cards to the player and the bunker

There are two hands, a bunker and a player. Bet on those who think is Natural 9 (or the side with a hand close to it). There are also “tie bets” where you bet on the outcome of a bunker or player draw.

After the first card distribution is completed, the dealer will check the total value of each hand. If the total is greater than 10, then the tens digit is truncated and only the ones digit is counted.

If the player’s hand is 0-5, the player can get the third card. However, if the total value of the bunker is 8 or 9, the player cannot get the third card. In the above case, the bunker will automatically win.

Baccarat Payout Rate and House Edge

They consider Baccarat generally to be a casino game with a lower house edge than other card games (such as poker). In addition, there is a difference in the win rate between the bunker and the player. The bunker win rate is about 50.68% and the player win rate is 49.32%. If you want to get security, UFABET recommends you bet on game with low house edge or bunker with high winning rate.

Online baccarat winning methods

Most baccarat games display a table (ruled table) that records the player’s win/loss history.

The blue circle, red circle, green diagonal lines respectively means player wins, dealer wins and there is a draw

This is the most popular baccarat tactics; here players continuously increase their bets. The 1324 Baccarat strategy involves the player varying the bet amount according to win or loss in the round. In this betting method, they determine the betting amount in advance and they change the base on the win or loss based on the bet amount. If the bet amount is 100 baht, if you continue to win, the bet amount will be set as 1x bet, 3x bet, 2x bet, and 4x bet. If you lose, you will have to return to the beginning of the betting order. And when the betting order is over, you restart from the beginning

Martingale is a popular betting strategy known as “progressive” among casino players. This strategy is a simple progressive betting strategy that you can use not only in baccarat but also in casino games like roulette. Under the Martingale method, players continue to double their bets until they win.

People rarely use this method. Basically, it counts the cards dealt and their values ​​to determine how high the player’s win rate is over the bunker. This is a gambling strategy that requires a lot of practice.

This attack strategy is a newer and more advanced version of the Martingale strategy. Unlike the Martingale strategy, instead of continuously increasing your bet amount, you need to look at the right moment: the “chance” or the “line to win”. And if you lose, you have to go back to your previous low bet amount. This strategy is a good strategy for players with limited casino funding.

Whether you have a lot of money or a limited amount of money, choose the right strategy for your playing situation and win big at UFABET!