What makes a bettor bet? Why do so many people enjoy football betting? What makes the sport such a favorite amongst thousands?

Many psychologists have asked the same questions. While some enjoy the thrill of gaining a lot of money, some enjoy the thought of losing it. Every human’s mind is different. They like somethings and dislikes others.

Football betting has also attracted a lot of psychologists. They are often asking how football betting can get exciting in the human brain? What is it that could trigger an addiction?

What Is Football Betting? 

With the rise in technology, we have been given the gift of online football betting. You can compete in thousands of bets happening anywhere in the world. Many online casinos, like Ufabet168, offer live betting. You can bet on the game during the match. This gives you the advantage of extra information and strategic betting. You can literally bet whenever you feel is right.

Online football betting also has many bonuses and promotions. On Ufabet168, you can play in a ‘no commission period’ as a beginner. This relieves you of any commission that you would have to pay to the website. You can play risk-free and understand the rules properly.

Why Are Addictions Common?

Gambling addictions are very common. You will often see people struggling to quit after years of losing millions in wagering. Psychologists have studied these patients and come to a conclusion about some of the things that gamblers get excited by.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline is the hormone in our body that is released when we get excited about something. This is the same hormone that gives you that giddy feeling before you sit on a rollercoaster.

For football bettors, this happens when they are about to place their bets or when the dealer is about to flip over the card, revealing their destiny. If the card is in your favor, you can win millions. And that is something gamblers can’t find anywhere else.


Serotonin is the ‘happy chemical’ in our body. When we feel happy, serotonin is released by our brain.

For those gamblers that have faced many hardships in their lives, betting becomes a source of happiness. They turn towards it in their most desperate times. This slowly turns into an addiction. You become so used to one constant source that it becomes impossible to quit.

How to Avoid Football Betting Addictions?

There are many ways that you can avoid gambling addictions. Here are a few of them.

Try New Activities

As soon as gambling becomes the only source of relaxation in your life, it is becoming dangerous for you. You need to indulge in other activities and try finding the fun in other games and activities.

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

Avoiding daily activities is one of the first signs of gambling addiction. Try involving yourself more with family and getting more involved with the people around you. Socialize and get back to routine.